Official Rules.
This Game May Not Be Used To Conduct, Advertise Or Promote Any Form Of Gambling.

1. Registration Period:
Registration for the Game begins at 3:00:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on 8/9/21 and ends at kickoff of the final regular season game, scheduled to take place 1/9/22.

2. Game Period:
The Promotion Period begins at kickoff (approximately 8:20:00 p.m. ET) of the first NFL 2021 regular season game scheduled to take place on 9/9/21 and ends at the completion of the last 2021 NFL regular season game (approximately 11:59:59 p.m. ET) scheduled to take place on 1/9/22 (the “Promotion Period”). Exact dates are subject to change dependent upon the NFL schedule. The Promotion and participation in the Promotion are subject to these Official Rules. The Promotion Period will be divided into eighteen (18) weekly periods (each, a 'Weekly Scoring Period') during which fantasy points will be accumulated. The Weekly Scoring Periods are as follows:

Weekly Scoring Period Weekly Scoring Period Starts at Kickoff on the First Game at: Weekly Scoring Period Ends at the Completion of the Last Game Played at:
1 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 9/9/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 9/13/21
2 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 9/16/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 9/20/21
3 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 9/23/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 9/27/21
4 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 9/30/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 10/4/21
5 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 10/7/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 10/11/21
6 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 10/14/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 10/18/21
7 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 10/21/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 10/25/21
8 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 10/28/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 11/1/21
9 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 11/4/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 11/8/21
10 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 11/11/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 11/15/21
11 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 11/18/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 11/22/21
12 Approx. 12:30pm ET on 11/25/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 11/29/21
13 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 12/2/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 12/6/21
14 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 12/9/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 12/13/21
15 Approx. 8:20pm ET on 12/16/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 12/20/21
16 Approx. 8:30pm ET on 12/23/21 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 12/27/21
17 Approx. 1:00pm ET on 1/2/22 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 1/3/22
18 Approx. 1:00pm ET on 1/9/22 Approx. 11:59:59pm ET on 1/9/22

All registrations/entries become the property of the NFL and will not be acknowledged or returned.

3. To Participate:
a) Become a Registered Participant of the Game: Visit during the Registration Period and complete and submit the Game registration form to obtain a User ID and Password from Registration is free. Once you are a registered participant of the Game, you may access the Game Page at any time during the Registration and Promotion Period by visiting and submitting your User ID and Password. The use of script, macro or any other device to automate or subvert the registration process is prohibited and all such registrations will be void. In the event of a dispute as to the identity of an participant based on the email address submitted at the time of registration, registration will be deemed from the person named on the applicable registration form (regardless of whether that is the name of the authorized account holder of the email address from which said registration form was submitted), provided such individual is eligible according to these Official Rules.

b) Predictions: The object of the Game is to accrue the most correct picks without being eliminated by the conclusion of the Game Period. Pick an NFL team who you think will win each week (hereafter combined, your Prediction). You may only pick each team once throughout the course of the season. The Predictions you submit for each Weekly Scoring Period will accumulate correct picks in the following way:

For each correct game prediction you make you are awarded a correct pick – for each incorrect game prediction you make you lose a life. When you are out of lives, you are eliminated from the Game.

To Participate:Do all of the following during the Registration Period: 1) visit the Game Page (as directed above), which will feature a schedule, and follow the instructions provided to select and submit your Prediction Weekly Scoring Period by the deadline outlined in section 3.c below. If your pick(s)/Prediction are submitted by the relevant deadline outlined, this selection will be your active Prediction for the applicable Weekly Scoring Period.

Notes: 1) If you wish, you may submit multiple (or all) Weekly Scoring Period Predictions at the same time as long as they are submitted in advance of the applicable Weekly Scoring Period deadlines.

c) Prediction Tie-Breaker and Submission Deadline: The deadline for choosing, modifying, or submitting your Prediction for each Weekly Scoring Period is prior to kickoff of the first applicable game. Therefore, you may revise your Prediction for each Weekly Scoring Period throughout the Registration Period; however, you may not make a Prediction for a game that is already in progress or has been completed.

Prediction that is received by the applicable deadline will be used to tabulate your correct picks. Correct picks will not be awarded if 1.) Prediction is not made by the applicable deadline, 2.) a game is cancelled for any reason, or 3.) a game is postponed or rescheduled, for any reason, to take place during a subsequent Weekly Scoring Period.

All selections must be accepted and acknowledged by the computer servers by the applicable deadline to be considered valid, timely, and eligible.

Tiebreaker sort within Survivor works as follows. In the event of a tie on correct picks, entries are ranked based on the combined record of the NFL teams not yet picked. Should a tie still exist, entries will be ranked based on timestamp of the latest pick made.

4. Scoring System
During each Weekly Scoring Period throughout the Game Period, you will earn correct picks based on your Prediction of each game’s winner for each applicable Weekly Scoring Period using the following scoring system:

For each correct game prediction you make you are awarded a correct pick – for each incorrect game prediction you make you lose a life. When you are out of lives, you are eliminated from the Game.